About Us

Tar Heel Capital is one of the leading Polish private equity firms. For more than twenty years we have helped companies become market leaders and offered above average rates of return to investors. We specialize in acquisitions, debt-raising, IPOs and sale transactions from various sectors. Tar Heel Capital has a deep, experienced and proven team of investment professionals.


THC, investing its own funds and funds of a selected group of investors, is looking for companies with an outstanding growth potential.

THC investment policy is implemented in partnership with companies, shareholders, and managers whose talents allow companies to achieve ambitious goals.

We offer our investors transparent principles of cooperation and commitment of our qualified team, which is at the same time the largest investor in the funds.

Our history


Grzegorz Bielowicki became the President of Euroad – a troubled transport company owned by a group of US investors from North Carolina


Selling Euroad to the Dutch VOS Logistics group. Starting joint investments in Poland as Tar Heel Capital. Acquisition of RADPOL S.A.

2003 - 2012

Nine investments, including:logos1


Launching Tar Heel Capital II – another fund investing in Polish companies with an outstanding growth potential

2012 - 2016

Seven investments, including:logos2


Launching Tar Heel Capital Global Innovation Closed-End Investment Fund and Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder

Grzegorz Bielowicki about Tar Heel Capital

“At Tar Heel Capital we believe that, notwithstanding the market environment, it is always possible to find interesting and prospective investments, that’s why we are so committed to day-to-day search for such opportunities."