Private Equity

THC is one of the leading private equity funds in Central Europe focused on SMEs sector. THC is looking for companies that will be leaders in their sectors thanks to their technological edge. We follow a strict investment strategy, combining it successfully with being a partner to entrepreneurs. This is why the companies in which THC has invested, on average, tripled their profits.

We help companies capitalize on their potential and enter new markets
We are a partner to entepreneurs:

- we make decisions fast,
- we promote business development and safety,
- we plan joint exits

We are a partner to:


Searching for growth capital


  • Growth funding
  • Support in business reorganisation
  • Exit strategy


Planning to sell their enterprises

  • Strengthening management and succession planning
  • Stable business development which is the fruit of the lifetime work
  • Exit strategy


Who wish to become shareholders (MBO/MBI)

  • Financing company takeover and growth
  • Attractive incentive schemes

Capital groups

Selling non-strategic assets

  • Acquisition of non-core assets
  • Ensuring post-transaction growth
  • Flexibility and quick decision-making process

We are looking for companies

  • With unique products, expertise or business model
  • With a substantial potential of growth in revenue and profitability
  • With a possibility of consolidating the market on which they operate
  • With an experienced and competent Management Board
  • With possibilities of control from the level of Supervisory Boards
  • Whose scale of operations justifies investment of PLN 10 to 100 million

Investment areas


Industrial Companies applying unique technologies, operating on markets with significant entry barriers.

Solutions for

With particular focus on manufacturers of state-of-the-art solutions for the power industry, used in production and distribution of energy.

New technologies,
internet, SaaS

Companies with particular emphasis on Internet, new forms of product distribution on B2B and B2C platforms.

Services for
business, logistics

Companies offering broadly defined services to business clients, including in particular, logistics and supply chain management.


Complex relocations and installations of plant

Technical plastic parts

Aluminium pressure die casting

Modern nicotine products

Industrial automation and robotics

Specialty vehicles

Intelligent vending machines

Medical imaging diagnostics

Material handling solutions

Solutions for energy and oil & gas sector

Logistics operator

Logistics operator

Heat-shrinkable products

Hot-dip zinc coating

Air flight ticket booking service

Air flight ticket booking service

Electrotechnical porcelain

Hot-dip zinc coating

Technical fabrics

Systems investment

Logistics operator

Software in SaaS model

Ecological building materials

Solutions for transmission lines

Hot-dip zinc coating

Medical imaging diagnostics


Arkadiusz Glinka 3

Arkadiusz Glinka

Shareholder and President of Apreo Logistics S.A.

Tar Heel Capital has actively supported me in making strategic decisions and setting a course for development. Over a short time we have managed to make Apreo one of the leading logistics companies. We have become the leader of the sector in Poland and a major player in the European market in just 5 years, with a tenfold revenues growth.

Andrzej Sielski 2

Andrzej Sielski

Shareholder and President of RADPOL S.A.

Together with Tar Heel Capital, we restructured a state-owned enterprise. Tar Heel Capital actively supported us in entering the stock exchange (IPO). Thanks to the Board’s cooperation with the Fund strategic targets could be achieved and the company has entered a path of a dynamic development. There has been a growth in the company’s value by more than twenty times.

Mariusz Ciepły 1

Mariusz Ciepły

Shareholder and President of Livechat Software S.A.

Tar Heel Capital helped us expand our operations and open a branch in the US. The number of our customers has increased five times over the last two years, and 80% of them are US-based. As shareholders we are always discussing Company’s future and its development.