We are looking for companies
that will be leaders in their sectors
thanks to technological edge

In business, people are our priority.
We work closely with entrepreneurs
and choose partners carefully

About Us

We create value

We help companies become market leaders and offer investors excellent rates of return.

We support companies

We support managements in strategic development and financial management.

We look for market leaders

We provide capital for development to companies that contribute most to the innovative economy.

We share success

As the largest investors in funds, we ensure healthy alignment of interest with external investors.


Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder

Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder is an experienced venture builder, co-creating thriving global tech businesses. It is focused on innovative industries and emerging technologies, and its current investment scope includes companies involved in esports, big data, cloud computing, fintech and martech.

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THC Private Equity

For more than twenty years we have helped companies become market leaders and offered above average rates of return to our investors. We follow a strict investment strategy, combining it successfully with being a partner to enterpreneurs. This is why the companies in which we have invested have, on average, tripled their profits.

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Tar Heel Capital Global Innovation

An absolute return fund offering investors an opportunity to invest in global markets in innovative companies revolutionizing entire sectors and industries. It also helps our business partners and a small group of other professional investors diversify political, geographical and technological risks in a joint investment with THC team.

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Arkadiusz Glinka 3

Arkadiusz Glinka

Shareholder and President of Apreo Logistics S.A.

Tar Heel Capital has actively supported me in making strategic decisions and setting a course for development. Over a short time we have managed to make Apreo one of the leading logistics companies. We have become the leader of the sector in Poland and a major player in the European market in just 5 years, with a tenfold revenues growth.

Andrzej Sielski 2

Andrzej Sielski

Shareholder and President of RADPOL S.A.

Together with Tar Heel Capital, we restructured a state-owned enterprise. Tar Heel Capital actively supported us in entering the stock exchange (IPO). Thanks to the Board’s cooperation with the Fund strategic targets could be achieved and the company has entered a path of a dynamic development. There has been a growth in the company’s value by more than twenty times.

Mariusz Ciepły 1

Mariusz Ciepły

Shareholder and President of Livechat Software S.A.

Tar Heel Capital helped us expand our operations and open a branch in the US. The number of our customers has increased five times over the last two years, and 80% of them are US-based. As shareholders we are always discussing Company’s future and its development.


Case Study: A Global Leader On a Niche Market

Intensive R&D, increased production capacity, reconstruction of the product offer and diversification of target markets translated into a 3x increase in revenues, almost 4x increase in the value of EBITDA and the achievement by Rockfin, from the Tar Heel Capital portfolio, the position of a world leader in critical auxiliary systems for the energy and […]

THC Fund Sells Rockfin

THC Fund finalised the sale of 100% shares of Rockfin, a global leader of auxiliary systems for energy and production sectors. The new owner of the company is the Czech investment company, Jet Investment, which has announced its plans to build a holding engaged in energy transformation. Rockfin was founded in 1991 and currently employs […]